UPDATE: Father of Aniya up and about donating to homeless fathers [VIDEO INSIDE]

Mickhal Garrett Is now back on the road showing love the homeless by donating money and the word of god. girlfriend of the grieving father wrote:

“There is a god and there are blessings there is a such thing as help god loves everyone what we had to go threw March 11th was the worst thing any parent has to experience and we hope no one else will ever have to go threw this. We will make sure of that !!!
everyone needs somebody!!!!!
Lords I come to u and ask that u wraps ur arms around everyone who struggles lord everyone who’s hurting dear god I ask that u bless my family for all the pain we are goin threw wraps ur arms around my hubby and keep him safe dear lord I’m comin to u in peace and asking that u hold my family down in the name of Jesus we pray amen!!
Thank u everybody for all the love and support we love u all!!!!”