Tommy Lee Sparta Bashed for sending Another Warning to Alkaline [VIDEO INSIDE]

Tommy Lee Sparta is gunning for Alkaline once again however fans are over it.

Since the start of the week, the ‘Uncle Demon’ deejay has uploaded two videos and released song titled “target” on his Instagram account taking aim at the Vendetta artist but fans have had enough.

However Dancehall fans aren’t impressed with the longtime one-sided feud between the two.

“Him [Tommy Lee Sparta] a move like some stalker, everything Alkaline do him think it bout him,” one user wrote.

“Eager fi mek a diss song and not a hit song…..smh.”

“Thanks to Alkaline, him try build back him career ????? boy bye!”

“Word of advice go in the studio and kill a hit song because you only relevant wen you and your delusional fans think alkaline i look your way . lollollollollol,” another wrote.