Alkaline “nice & easy” removed from Youtube over cover art legal battle

News reaching vybzmedia from a creditable source is that nice & easy was removed from Alkaline’s official VEVO account  over a legal battle with the photographer who threaten legal action against Alkaline if the problem wasn’t addressed. After removing the video  it lost over 700k views and its #2 trending spot on YouTube.

The official cover art for the single uses a photograph of Jamaican-born, Miami-based model Nerissa Nefeteri. However according to Nerissa and photographer Jason Bassett, they weren’t contacted by the ‘Champion Boy’ deejay’s team to use their content.

“We can’t go after the chefs, we have to address the restaurant, the face of the brand benefiting from the use of property protected by copyright,” he added.

Alkaline and his team have been tight-lipped on the situation. Listen ‘Nice & Clean’ here.