Homeless Kingston man receives house and cash from Khloe Kardashian

70-year-old Desmond Wallace was excited to share what happened while he was outside a hot spot in Kingston begging for money.

In an interview Desmond told vybzmedia “the sun was so hot I was thirsty and starving when I saw a black SUV I went in front of it asking for a small change, the window on the right rolled down and this white woman (khole kardashian) asked me if I was ok I told her I was hungry and homeless I was told to go inside the hotel and wait”.Desmond received 30,000 Usd (3.6 million JMD) and now has a home under construction that was funded by Khloe

A local also met Kardashian in the lady’s bathroom of Fiction Fantasy, took a photo of the occasion and shared it on social media.

“She was so damn nice and I’m still shook! I mean, come on! What are the chances of meeting a Kardashian in Jamaica, In Kingston, in a bathroom on a night you didn’t really want to go out and she happens to be your favorite Kardashian,” the young woman said.

Kardashian and Thompson have been dating for about five months. She recently revealed that she was “in love” with the basketball player.