Alkaline happy for release

thejamaicastar Alkaline’s lawyer Peter Champagnie said that his client was relieved after being released from police custody yesterday afternoon. “He is relieved because he is an entertainer, and he has a lot of business to attend to,” Champagnie told Vybzmedia  “One would understand that this would be a stressful situation to anyone, and I think he took comfort in the fact that he was innocent.” Champagnie is also calling on lawmakers to seriously look into ensuring that the police do not have the right to detain persons indefinitely while they carry out their investigations. “Too frequently, you have situation where the police detain persons for a long period.

Sometimes days, weeks, months, and even years, and then they announce that investigations are continuing,” Champagnie said. “Where an Alkaline may have the resources to have actions taken, the situation is that you have many persons who are not so equipped, and they spend a long time in custody.”