Alkaline looking forward to his release – deejay spent last night in jail

Attorney Peter Champagnie has indicated that he is prepared to go to court to press for the release of dancehall artiste Alkaline, who slept in jail last night…”He has professed his innocence to them and as best as he could, gave co-operation in terms of their investigations,” Champagnie told Vybzmedia.


The attorney said that the process is at a “delicate stage”, and said he would not pre-empt the police’s next move.

He, however, said that Alkaline is “optimistic, he is resolute in terms of his innocence, and he is looking forward to his release.”

“The investigation and the interviews continue into tomorrow (today). I certainly will be pressing for his release, if he is not charged within the stipulated time allowed,” the lawyer added.

Under the law, the police can hold a person without charge for up to 24 hours.