Vendetta fans bash Sean Kingston After interview [VIDEO INSIDE]

Kingston said, “when me buss, a gaza mi seh because Gaza Empire did deh a Ochi (Ocho Rios) a link wid mi hard. Mi link wid di boss (Kartel) from 2007. Wi put in nuff work together. Him come a Buckfield, a Ochi come perform a mi home town, drive all the way from Kingston fi come perform. Suh for me is like, mi caan really lef’ out di boss.

“But at di end of di day, yuh haffi respect music. Mi is not a bias person suh when yuh si a man (Alkaline) consistent, nuh matter if a man waan seh him a try tek somebody else style, if him a duh road and him a put out hit songs, yuh haffi respect that.”

“But it will never ever ever be to the levels, to me, as weh Kartel duh fi dancehall. He is a legend. Dem man deh is like Tupac a Jamaica to me. When it come to lyrics, is the only man dat, mi listen to him song and mi haffi play it back, because mi haffi hear every word weh him seh. Suh is a different level.

“But Mi naa tek nutt’n from Alkaline, because dem man deh know music,” Kingston said.IMG_2858