Marvin “the beast” suffers damage from falling off rooftop[VIDEO INSIDE]

News circulating on social media is that Marvin was injured last night after he fell off a roof top while dancing with a female from spice dance team.


Just hear the news what happened last night to @marvinthebeast When mi New song #SHEET drop mi hear say him get MAAAAD as usual reach pan the roof top wid @teamspiceofficial and jump off thinking another roof was behind him and bruck him foot.? A swear I don’t care what no one has to say or think bout him he brings vibes to dancehall so mi a send mi love I hope he’s ok @therealdjruxie_cdfantasy yu see weh #SHEET Cause and it just release jah know bro mi sorry bout that. Side chick Tuesday too loud @jamaicastar @jadezip103 @observer