Kingston college teacher dies after collapsing at school

Minutes before 11 am, the sixth form supervisor was teaching a class when he asked to be excused and went to the bathroom. Minutes later, his motionless body was found by students.

He was rushed to hospital, and reports coming from school officials is that the teacher was pronounced dead on his arrival.

The students said he rushed with his friends to the location and saw the teacher lying motionless on the bathroom floor.

“When I looked at him, his face had a purple-looking colour and he was not moving, even though students kept calling his name,” the student told

A visit to the school to get a comment from the principal or the vice principal was unsuccessful.

“Today is not a good day. Most of the teachers are shaken up following news that one of their own died today,” said one school official, who asked not to be named as she was not authorised to speak to the media.