Usain bolt loses $6million in total after ATM withdrawal

Criminals lurking in legitimate business places are swindling huge chunks of money from unsuspecting Jamaicans and Jamaican companies by way of wire fraud, according to information coming from the police’s Cybercrime Unit. With the latest victim gold medalist Usain bolt.
It’s alleged that in January Usain drew money near a gas sation where his debit card information was stolen an used all over the island. It was revealed that 6million JMD was stolen from Usain, Horace Peterson who worked at the gas station was held on Friday in connection with crime.
“Credit, debit and ID card theft is an islandwide problem now and we have arrested several bank tellers and supervisors, hotel workers and even gas station attendants who have been involved in these acts,” stated Detective Sergeant Karen Harrison, who heads the Cybercrime Investigations and Research Unit.

According to Harrison, the police have noticed increased cases of persons using skimming machines to copy customers’ credit and debit card information. The information is then used to create fake cards to carry out illicit transactions.
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