BREAKING: Usain Bolt post “Sorry for cheating” letter online [MUST READ]

It looks like Usain Bolt’s girlfriend Kasi Bennett is doing her best to stay out of this messy cheating drama.

The 26-year-old posted on social media for the first time since her sprinter boyfriend was pictured in bed with student Jady Duarte after they met in a Rio nightclub but later posted a tear full later online which is now going viral. letter below

Sometimes, there are simply no words that can adequately express the depth of a person’s feelings that are plagued by regret, guilt and sadness for a wrong done. This is my predicament now for hurting you so badly when you trusted me so.

A thousand “I’m sorry” I’m willing to say but I know it can’t undo what has been done and it won’t ease the pain in your heart. Instead, let me write this to let you know that I regretted my actions and cheating on you is certainly an unforgivable mistake. I totally deserve all the anger and resentment from you for what I have put you through.

However, it also pains me to see you suffering as a result of my misbehavior at that nightclub. Guilt burns in my heart thinking of all the hurt that you must have felt because of my recklessness. Each time that I think of you, I get angry with myself because I can imagine all the bitter tears you must have shed when you saw those pictures going viral. – Usain Bolt