Popcaan VS Tory Lanez gone viral [PHOTO INSIDE]

popcaan has foun him self in the spot light againg follling his comment on Canadian rapper Tory lanez of he posted a photo saying “NUMBER 1 IN JAMAICA ! ……. J.U.I.C.E = just understand I control everything .
#IToldYou,” He wrote. Although it’s unclear for which single, sources say perhaps it’s for ‘LUV’ which samples veteran Jamaican dancehall vocal duo Tanto Metro and Devonte’s 1997 smash hit single ‘Everyone Falls In Love.’



Popcaan commented on the photo with some S**T emoji an later said “wah wah weh him go do yah now…numba one weh?”

According to Popular US Blogger DJ Akademiks, the ‘Unruly Boss’ commented under the post seemingly saying Lanez is talking B.S about being Number 1 in his island.