5 things that you should about Pokemon go [MUST READ]

  1. With the game requiring you to have your screen, internet, and GPS turned on at all times, Pokemon Go proves to be a major battery hog, something that trainers cannot afford. turning upside down — a gesture used to put the phone in your pocket — and it automatically turns the display black, so the battery drain reduces substantially.


2.When you begin the game you are offered a Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle as your first catch. Most of us thought that was a pretty sweet deal,but according to the BBC, if we just walked away the game would have offered us our very own Pikachu.

3.  Niantic gained full access to your Google account.That includes access to your email, location, camera, photos… so basically everything. Among mounting privacy concerns, Niantic, Inc. told Game Informer that the request for “full access permission for the user’s Google account” was “erroneous.”

4.While it’s possible to find any Pokemon at any place or time, your chances are much higher if you know some information about the Pokemon you’re looking for. Water Pokemon will spawn more frequently when it’s raining, while dark Pokemon and ghost Pokemon are much more prevalent during the night time hours. Mix up your hunting times and you’ll find a larger variety of Pokemon.

5. Wait for smaller circles to appear.
In order to maximize your chances of catching a Pokémon and avoid wasting your Pokéballs, look at the size and color. The color of the circles indicates how strong they are — green is weak, yellow is medium and red is strong. Waiting for the circles to shrink will increase your chance at stronger Pokemon staying within a Pokeball.