Popcaan mouth damaged after police fight [SEE PHOTO]

After a altercation with police in Antigua Popcaan was hit in the mouth with the firearm of the cop. Popcaan suffered damages to his lower jaw an now has to wear a bandage due to the swelling an pain that he is in at the moment.

In a further video the artist – while being escorted by police officers into a motor vehicle – can be heard accusing the police of breaking open his mouth, Antigua Observer says.

Popcaan stated that his lawyer is now on the case so he refuse to comment on the incident at this time.

Popcaan was  arrested in Antigua after a raucous scene erupted on stage at the Antigua Trades and Labour Union rally in Fort James.

The conflict reportedly began when a number of supporters climbed onto the stage and a police officer began removing them.

The Antigua Observer cited a video of the incident, which showed the artiste intervening, saying on the mic, not to handle the patrons “so rough” and physically separated a patron from the police officer who reportedly reacted by strongly pushing Popcaan.

Another police officer reportedly intervened to calm the police officer.

After Popcaan left the stage, it is alleged that a further conflict occurred and patrons began throwing bottles onto the stage.

Popcaan was subsequently arrested an later released with the help of his lawyer.